The Pixel Gym

Who are the Gym Pixels?

The 1st Wave of our NFT collection. Gym Pixels consist of 8,100 unique pieces of digital art; each with randomized traits & characteristics. These NFTs are ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain, through the Ethereum network. Ownership of our NFT unlocks hidden channels on our Discord server and acts as a membership to the various future projects of The Pixel Gym.

Perks of ownership

· Access to monthly Webinars hosted by certified health professionals

· Unlock hidden & private channels on our Discord server

· Discounts on merchandise

· Pass to our upcoming events

· Membership to our Metaverse location*

From The creators

As professionals in the fitness industry with 30+ years of combined experience, one struggle that we see the industry dealing with is the delivery and reception of information. Trainer to client, of course, is always efficient, but what about reaching a larger audience? Or learning about new advances in exercise science, newer training methods, and nutritional and supplement innovations? Instagram was great, but they are entirely too short to get your message across. Youtube is nice, but what if you have questions? You have to bomb the comment section and hope someone responds, but it is never timely. We realize not everyone can go to conferences multiple times a year like we do, so we thought, what if we brought the same type of conference-speaker situation TO the people looking for the information, or just enjoy keeping up with what is going on in the fitness space?

This is our vision for The Pixel Gym. To bring a community of health & fitness enthusiasts together with not only each other, but with professionals as well. Think of it as a forum meets an IHRSA conference. Like-minded people with a shared passion for fitness coming together to pass on wisdom, acquire knowledge, and immerse themselves in a community that supports and understands each other’s goals and struggles.


The Pixel Gym is a collaboration of fitness & health professionals spanning a variety of fields and disciplines. From athletic training to Pilates, post rehabilitation to nutrition; we have organized a team of experts ready to best serve the project and its members. The team has been developing several outlets to host, educate and entertain. We are excited to share this project with the community as we grow through this space together.


Wave 1 - NFT Minting

The minting begins. The Gym Pixels will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform, which is designed to improve transaction speeds and command lower gas fees. Every Gym Pixel acts as your membership into the upcoming Pixel Gym, as well as access to the private Pixel Gym Discord, where you will be able to mingle with like minded nft-fitness enthusiasts, and participate in forums with professionals throughout the fitness industry. Only 8,100 Gym Pixels exist, with 7,100 being available in Wave 1 of minting, with the remaining 1,000 held for use in collaborations, giveaways, etc. Any un-minted Gym Pixels will be pushed to Opensea and other NFT marketplaces, after an appropriate period of time, never being listed or selling for less than the minting price, doing our part in maintaining the price floor. When all 7,100 Gym Pixels are minted, we will move on to Phase 2.

Wave 2 - Enter The Metaverse

As Wave 1 wraps up, the purchasing of land in the metaverse begins. Which virtual world (or worlds) this will be in is yet to be determined, but once the purchase it made, the engineers will take over, building an immersive environment to interact with other members of "The Pixel Gym"; but that is not all that we aspire to. We envision The Pixel Gym as a place where fitness professionals can publish works, hold seminars, even teach fitness classes and courses. Of course, games are a must, but the real reward with be the surroundings of people with common interests and knowledgeable trainers who want to get their messages and research out there.

Other tools for members we would like to have include

  • Virtual Supplements Stores

  • Podcast Library

  • Workout Archive

  • Trainer & Nutritionist Database

  • Job Board

  • Auditorium to host virtual seminars

Wave 3 - The Gym Rats

Now that we're rollin', it's time to bring to life the true vision of "The Pixel Gym"....... A member owned facility, governed by the members. Just as the Gym Pixels are your membership to "The Pixel Gym", the Gym Rats are your ownership deed. Anyone who minted a Gym Pixel will have first dibs, with the members holding the most shares getting first priority. Interactions in the community will also grant you preferential treatment when the Gym Rats mint happens. This launch will be much more exclusive, consisting of far less NFTs than the Gym Pixels, to ensure that each holder is an integral part in running all things "The Pixel Gym".

Meet The Team

Gym Ninja

Co-Founder, Team Leader, Athletic Trainer


Co-Founder, Team Leader, Corrective Exercise